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Friday, August 25, 2006

London Stuckists GO WEST!

Congratulations to our Stuckist comrades in not so Merry 'ol England! The Independent ran an article on the London Stuckists and their upcoming exhibition at the Spectrum Gallery - the first exhibit of Remodernist works to take place at an established commercial gallery in England. The paper quoted Stuckism co-founder Charles Thomson as saying the exhibit was "a major development" in the UK Stuckist movement, and Thomson went on to say:

"I cannot believe how history repeats itself. There are many parallels between us and the Impressionists. They started out and everyone ridiculed them. We said that beds are not art, paintings are art, and everyone laughed at us. People thought we hadn't got a clue. But a lot has happened in seven years and we are finally getting recognition."
The Stuckist exhibit, titled Go West, opens at the Spectrum on October 6th, 2006 and runs until November 4th, 2006.