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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Interview with L.A. Stuckist group

The web log has published an extensive interview with the L.A. Stuckist group. Myartspace is a "fresh new community-based website for established artists, emerging artists, aspiring artists, photographers and members of the art world - teachers, collectors, museums, galleries, art buyers." The following is an excerpt from the interview:

"Examples of Remodernist art can be found everywhere in Los Angeles, it’s just that people have not thus far identified or recognized these works as belonging to a particular school or genre of art. There are many artists in L.A. who are in reality, Stuckists - they just don’t know it yet. In essence, anyone who defies the fashions of the postmodern academy to paint, draw, or sculpt in a realistic manner - is on the road to becoming a practicing Remodernist. We sincerely mean this, and would include amateurs as well as professional artists in this category.

Amateur painters have not been tainted by the terminal careerism and deadly pessimism of the professional strata, and amateurs are quite passionate about art and its role in society. Those who are educated and manicured by the postmodernist art establishment are by and large not capable of affecting revolutionary change." [ Click here to read the full interview. ]